Yuzu Android Prod Keys V18.0.0 Download [New Version]

Are you looking for Yuzu Android Prod Keys V18.0.0? This post will help you to provide Yuzu Android Prod Keys. Now you are on the right source, you will get all the information related to Android Yuzu Prod Keys.

Recently Yuzu has become available for Android devices. Now everyone can play the Switch game on Android devices with the help of this emulator.

Android is a very big user, millions of users like to play different games on Android. In earlier times, when we used to play Switch games, we used Nintendo consoles or emulators, that too on PC.

But right now through this Yuzu Android emulator, you will be able to play Switch games only on Android Smartphones. If you want to properly setup the emulator on Android, then you will need the Prod Keys.


Note: If the version 17.0.0 prod key is not working in your case then use the version 16.1.0 prod key. (Version 17.0.0 is working for me)

Yuzu Android Prod Keys V18.0.0

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If you do not know how to set up Prod Keys on Yuzu Android Emulator, then below we have created complete information for you.

Requirement Spec to run Yuzu on Android

There are some eligibility criteria here, if your Android device fulfills this criteria then it will be eligible for this emulator.

ProcessorsSnapdragon 865 device or Snapdragon 8 Gen 1
Android VersionAndroid 11

How to Setup Prod Keys in Yuzu Android

We have made for you some simple steps with images. By following these steps, you will be able to setup the Prod Keys easily. Below you can see the whole process.

Step 1: Install Yuzu Android from Google Playstore.

Yuzu Android Prod Keys 1

Step 2: Open the Yuzu emulator.

Yuzu Android Prod Keys 2

Step 3: Give whatever permission is required.

Yuzu Android Prod Keys 3

Step 4: Prod keys will be asked which we have provided above latest production keys.

Yuzu Android Prod Keys 4

Step 5: Select the latest version product key.

Yuzu Android Prod Keys 5

Step 6: Add Switch game.

Yuzu Android Prod Keys 6

Step 7: Now the emulator is ready to play Switch game on Android device.

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