How to Fix Derivation Components Missing Yuzu 2024

If you are facing the ‘Derivation Components Missing’ issue on Switch emulator Yuzu, then this guide explains the solution. Complete information has been given in it as why this issue came and how this issue can be fixed.

Exclusive Nintendo Switch games require a Nintendo console purchase to play. There are many such emulators through which we can play its games without Nintendo Switch console, one of them is Yuzu emulator.

Yuzu is an opensource emulator and was created by the developer of the Nintendo 3DS emulator Citra. Any person without Nintendo console can play Nintendo games on computer with the help of this emulator.

Players install the Yuzu emulator to play Nintendo games. After the emulator is installed, when the players open it, they get the ‘Derivation Components Missing’ error.

In this guide we will learn How to Fix Derivation Components Missing Yuzu?

Why am I getting ‘Derivation Components Missing’ on Yuzu?

You are facing ‘Derivation Components Missing’ issue on Yuzu because the prod key and title key are missing.

After downloading and installing the emulator, when the players open it, they get this missing error show.

Everyone faces this error. To find a solution to this problem, people seek help from multiple groups on Reddit, Twitter and Facebook.

In this way, many people are complaining, they are facing components missing error. There is a simple solution to this problem, we have disclosed it further.

How to Fix Derivation Components Missing Yuzu 2023

To Fix Derivation Components Missing Yuzu, You need to install Prod Keys and Title Keys.

Installing prod key on Yuzu emulator is not difficult. You can do this by following some simple steps.

We have provided below the information about what you will have to go through to complete this process.

Step 1: Open the Switch emulator on the computer by double-tabbing it.

Yuzu Encryption Keys Are Missing

Step 2: ‘Derivation Components Missing’ error message popup will show.

Step 3: Download the latest version Yuzu v15.0.1 Prod Key and Title Key.

Step 4: After the prod key is downloaded in zip file, unzip it.

Step 5: After unzipping the zip file, you will get two key files named as Prod.Key and Title.keys.

Screenshot (1049)

Step 6: Go to the Yuzu Switch emulator and tap on the ‘File‘ icon.

Tap Open Yuzu Folder.

Step 7: After tapping the ‘File‘ icon, go to ‘Open Yuzu Folder‘.

Screenshot 1050

Step 8: Multiple folders will appear in the ‘Yuzu Folder’ and there will also be a folder named ‘Keys’. If for some reason the folder named ‘Keys’ is not found, then create one.

Open Keys Folder in Yuzu

Step 9: Open the folder named ‘keys’.

Paste both the copied keys file into the Yuzu Keys folder.

Step 10: Copy the prod.key and title.key from the unzip folder and paste it into the ‘keys’ folder.

Step 11: Close and re-open the Yuzu emulator.

Note: Now the process of installing keys has been completed. You can play any Nintendo Switch game on this emulator, but you have to check if that game is compatible with this emulator.

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