How to Install Yuzu Mods in PC/Computer

Are You Looking How to Install Yuzu Mods? You are on the right post, in this post we have updated the complete information on how to install Yuzu Mods in emulator.

As you know, Yuzu is an emulator that is capable of playing Nintendo Switch games on a computer. There are tons of Nintendo Switch games that you can only play on the Nintendo Switch, such as the Mario series.

But you will be able to play many games of Mario series on computer through this Yuzu emulator. You can check the compatibility game by visiting Yuzu’s official website.

In this guide we will learn How to Install Yuzu Mods.

What Is Mods?

mods also known as modification. If there is a game and that game is modified and some extract things are added, it is called mods game.

There are many popular games for which many mods keep coming on the day like new character, vehicle mission and many more. Mods in games are not created by official game developers, third party developers create and release game mods

If you must have noticed, there are many videos on YouTube on GTA 5 game in which the characters of superheroes like Spiderman, Batman etc. are used.

Do you think in GTA 5 game that superhero characters are By-default, the mods is used for superhero characters in the game. You will find different mods of each game on the internet.

How to Install Yuzu Mods in PC/Computer

To install Yuzu Mods on your Computer/PC, you have to follow some simple process. In this post, we have told in very easy language how you can install Yuzu Mods on computer.

First of all you need to download yuzu mod downloader and setup it with yuzu emulator.

Once Yuzu Mod is properly connected to the Yuzu emulator, you will be able to experience all the game mods inside the emulator.

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How to download yuzu mod downloader:

here is the complete process follow it and easily download yuzu mod downloader.

Step 1: Download the YuzuModDownloader.exe Zip File.

YuzuModDownloader link


Download the zip file marked on the screenshot. The file is 120kb, it will be downloaded in a few seconds.

Step 2: Unzip the download Zip File.

Unzip the downloaded zip file and you will see two files in the folder

  • HtmlAgilityPack.dll
  • YuzuModDownloader
Yuzu mod unzip file

How to setup yuzu mod downloader in emulator:

So far in the process we have seen from where yuzu mod downloader is downloaded and unzipped. Next we will know how we will be able to connect yuzu mod with emulator

The entire process mentioned in this post has to be followed step by step so that there is no issue later.

Step 3: Go to Yuzu Properties

  • Right click on Yuzu software and tap on “Properties” option.
Copy Red Mark Lines
  • Click on the Shortcut option and copy the start in lines address Path.

Step 4: Paste the copy path in the File Explorer address bar

Paste File Manager bar
  • Paste the address path in the File Explorer address bar and press the Enter button.

Step 5: Open the “yuzu-windows-msvc” Folder

Open the "yuzu-windows-msvc" Folder
  • Now you have to open the “Yuzu-Windows-Msvc” folder by clicking on it.
  • After the folder is opened, you will see many files.

Step 6: Paste the unzipped files in the “Yuzu-Windows-Msvc” folder

After downloading the Yuzu Mod downloader, when you unzip it, you will get two files.

Yuzu-Windows-Msvc folder
  • Copy those two files and paste them in the “Yuzu-Windows-Msvc” folder.

Step 7: Open the “YuzuModDownloader”

Open the YuzuModDownloader
  • Open “YuzuModDownloader” by double clicking on it.
  • Tap the Download Yuzu Games Mods.
Download Completed Popup Messages
  • Wait till the download completes.
  • After the download is complete you will see a popup message

Note: yuzu mods installation is complete now you will be able to check the mods of the game by opening yuzu emulator.

How to Install Yuzu Mods in PC and Computer

If you want any new game mods in the emulator, then you have to download the mods by running the application “YuzuModDownloader”.

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