Yuzu Early Access 3592 is out!

Yuzu Early Access 3588 is out! If you are using Yuzu Early Access emulator then there is good news for you. Recently Yuzu EA 3592 has been launched. Right now you will be able to play the Switch game using this latest version early access emulator.

Yuzu Early Access 3592 is out!

‘Yuzu EA 3592’ has been released. This early access emulator can be installed on both Windows and Linux OS.

Here is a list of some early access emulators.

EA VersionSource
Yuzu EA 3592Get Now
Yuzu EA 3588Get Now
Yuzu EA 3587Get Now

How to Install Yuzu Early Access?

After downloading the Yuzu Early Access 3588 file, unzip it.

Screenshot 1112

After unzipping, go to that folder and open the ‘Yuzu.exp‘ file by double clicking on it.

First time it will ask you both prod key and firmware to proceed further.

After providing both these access materials, Yuzu Early Access is ready to play Switch games.

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