Donkey Kong 64 uses 7.997 MB / 8MB available

Twitter user @tjballaam shared a report about the Donkey Kong 64 game. This Twitter user shared a bug issue in this game.

On April 13th 2022 @cyansorcery shared this an issue in the game due to which he is not able to play the game.

Screenshot 685

“I’m modding this game and making it run fast and efficiently, now you can get a locked 60fps!” wow, that’s really neat!! “It would run better if the devs weren’t so stupid with their implementation, the code they wrote is shit” woah buddy slow down there


Looking at this issue, @tjballaam tweeted and said.

Screenshot 686

Not even that. The devs were told from the start to use the expansion pak and make the most of it. The bug towards the end of development was nothing to do with the expansion pak. The game uses 7.997 MB / 8MB available, no way they would have had a 4MB build even booting.


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